Siracusa and Noto

Syracuse (Unesco site) - As a capital of Magna Graecia, Syracuse was without doubt the most important and powerful city outside Greece. Most part of monuments of this ancient city you will find in the monumental Neapolis quarter, a “new city”, transformed today into an archaeological park, where you can visit: the Greek Theatre, the Altar of Hieron II, the Ear of Dionysius, the Latomia del Paradiso, the Roman Amphitheatre. The historical center of Syracuse is the Ortygia island. Here there are alleys of the extraordinary charm. Moreover you will be able to visit the Cathedral, built “inside” Greek temple, the Fountain of Arethusa, symbol of Ortigia and other important monuments.

Noto (Unesco site) - European capital of the Baroque and Unesco Patrimony from 2002. Noto is one of the most beautiful cities of Sicilian art. A splendid historical centre where you can admire many civil and religious monuments like Santa Chiara, SS, Salvatore, Cathedral S. Nicolo, Ducezio Palace, Nicolaci Street with its amazing balconies, Nicolaci Palace, Church of Montevergini, Church of San Domenico, Fontana d'Ercole and the Communal Theatre. Free time for shopping in the main street. A must is Cannolo (literally meaning “little tube” a Sicilian pastry dessert) or Granita (a semi frozen dessert of sugar, water and flavorings, originally from Sicily.

Excursion details.


  • from 1 up to 3 people € 350,00
  • from 4 up to 7 people € 475,00
  • from 8 up to 13 people € 590,00

Price includes: 

  • Duration 8 hours.
  • Luxury Mercedes vehicles
  • english speaking driver.
  • Pick up at the property.
  • Drop off at the property.

Price not includes:

  • Extra (upon request), driver official guide or driver + local guide: € 180,00
  • Lunch
  • Entrance tickets (museums, archaeological sites etc.)
  • Anything else not written in "price includes".

Terms of service.
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